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Rescue (2010) #1


So in this issue of Rescue—oh, wait, no, it’s the only issue of Rescue, which is a travesty (if that description doesn’t give you an idea of the book in advance…)—is set during an Invincible Iron Man arc where Pepper hallucinates talking to her dead husband.

Her dead husband is, for those who don’t follow Iron Man (like me), Happy Hogan. The limo driver from the movies.

Anyway, Pepper recounts this incident where she saved some people and didn’t save some people. DeConnick doesn’t reinvent the wheel here—Pepper the superhero has always been Invincible’s greatest creation, just because of the way Pepper approaches her altruistic activities.

But what DeConnick does do is put together a compelling story and gives Pepper a great voice.

Andrea Mutti’s art is a little rough, but the writing makes up for it.

I wish it was a series, not a one-shot.

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