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Snarked (2011) #0

Snarked 0I’ve been looking forward to Snarked since I first heard of it. I didn’t know anything about it, just it was a new original series from Roger Langridge. As it turns out, Snarked owes a lot to Lewis Carroll—both in the title and the characters of Walrus and McDunk (though McDunk gets named in Snarked, not from Carroll). The zero issue is half story and half back matter. The story is only ten or eleven pages and it’s absolutely wonderful, but more than wonderful, it’s filling. It feels like a full issue, hardly a half one.

The back matter is all excellent too, almost making me hope they keep including some of it. Langridge is just so thrilled with the material, it’s hard not to get carried away with him.

I love Langridge doing a “kids’ comic” featuring a lovable reprehensible character (Walrus). It’s even better than I’d hoped.

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