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Green Lantern/Plastic Man: Weapons of Mass Deception (2011) #1

Green Lantern Plastic Man Weapons of Mass Deception  1Seeing Brett Anderson do a Plastic Man story is somewhat irresistible. Anderson’s so refined and restrained and Plastic Man’s anything but. Needless to say, the art on Weapons of Mass Deception is fantastic. Occasionally, Green Lantern seems a little too muscly, but it’s still fantastic.

The story concerns Plastic Man and Green Lantern teaming up to stop an invasion from intergalactic ducks. The ducks are kind of cute, yet another strange thing in an Anderson comic. He’s taking the time to make sure they’re amusingly cute. There’s a lot of background information (Green Lantern gets a briefing while Plastic Man goofs off) so having Anderson is essential.

Marv Wolfman is, of course, important too. His pop culture references are a little pained, but he does a good job overall. There’s too much exposition towards the end and the narration is never constant, but it’s a compelling space adventure.

Surprisingly decent.

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