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Black Widow: Deadly Origin (2010) #3

Black Widow Deadly Origin 3

So all of (well, most of) John Paul Leon’s flashback art this issue is when Black Widow was a superhero in the seventies and eighties. It’s all this fantastic, bright Marvel superhero art, only by Leon. It looks amazing. I wonder if he could sustain it or if just doing a few panels is the limit.

The rest of the issue is awful. I love how Raney can’t keep Natasha’s face centered on her head and his Bucky needs to be seen to be believed. Bucky looks like a teenager with some kind of glandular disorder.

Cornell’s writing is pretty hideous and his big reveal at the end is dumb. But I guess Jim McCann liked the twist a lot because he used it again, less than a year later, in Widowmaker.

Maybe if Cornell’s dialogue were good… but it’s not. Even the flashback dialogue reeks.

Just like the comic.

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  1. It must be horribly painful to have to read this dreck. You have my deepest sympathies, sir.

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