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Xombi (1994) #14


I think I just hit the point in Xombi’s publication history when it got an editorial mandate. This issue does not contain the story promised at the end of the last issue. It does not feature David’s fiancée returning. It does not even mention her.

Instead, David’s hanging out with his nanotechnology expert friend. He’s helping her get ready for a science pavilion (it sounds like a World’s Fair type event) and some ancient computer wakes up and wants to get plugged in to the Internet and is going to suffocate them if they don’t help it.

Rozum doesn’t even explore if David can suffocate or not. The story’s just a nice done-in-one with them figuring out how to solve the problem. Rozum gets in a great 2001 reference as a laugh.

While it might be a bad sign for the series, it’s also a well-written comic.

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