Jason Biggs stars in KIDNAPPING CAITLYNN, directed by Kat Coiro.

Kidnapping Caitlynn (2009, Kat Coiro)

Kidnapping Caitlynn is a couples’ film and not just because it’s about a woman breaking into her ex-boyfriend’s house. Stars Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs, who concocted the story together, are married (Mollen scripted). Director Coiro is married to supporting actor Rhys Coiro.

If it were just four people making some stupid home movie because they got bored on a Saturday night, it might be all right. As an actual effort, however, Kidnapping Caitlynn is horrific. Either Mollen is intentionally emulating stupid Hollywood comedies or she’s just a terrible writer—her performance is awful, so I’m guessing the latter.

Biggs spends most of his time mugging for the camera, which is an odd use of him. When he does talk, he can’t overcome the script.

Coiro’s direction is adequate; the film’s not her fault. Wait, Rhys Coiro’s performance is awful… did she cast him?

Julie Benz doesn’t embarrass herself.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Kat Coiro; screenplay by Jenny Mollen, based on a story by Mollen and Jason Biggs; director of photography, Paula Huidobro; edited by Adam Catino; music by Bret Johnson; produced by Lauren Bratman and Coiro.

Starring Jenny Mollen (Emily), Jason Biggs (Max), Julie Benz (Caitlynn) and Rhys Coiro (Daniel).


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