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Black Widow: The Things They Say About Her (2005) #3


Reading the scene where Nick Fury gets tortured by a Bush flunky, it’s clear why comics should never get too involved with politics, especially not superhero comics. It’s Nick Fury… shouldn’t Captain America bust in and save him? And if Captain America isn’t busting in and saving him, isn’t the reason why more important than anything else going on?

Otherwise, the issue is all right. About half of it is spent on Black Widow’s teenage sidekick, who’s recuperating in a third world South American hospital. It takes the focus away from Natasha, which is okay because Morgan doesn’t really have a story for her this series. It’s still all clean-up, competent and all; there’s just no real point to it otherwise.

The art’s finally starting to mesh though. The Phillips is a lot stronger than the Sienkiewicz here—like Sienkiewicz decided only to do faces or something. It works.

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