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Victorian Undead II (2011) #5


Hmm… is Edginton subtly suggesting the next Victorian Undead series will feature Frankenstein’s Monster? I hope so.

Again, there are some needlessly weak pages, but this time I can’t blame it on anyone but Fabbri. Maybe he was rushed. It’s a shame it’s during the big finale with Dracula and Holmes.

Edginton comes up with a good plot for the conclusion—even a great reveal—but his ending is a little too pat. I suppose some of it comes from being too much a mix of Holmes and Dracula and not enough of either. Watson’s barely a character this series and Edginton, except in the first issue, hasn’t done much to make it feel like another Holmes case.

It’s still a good series, however. Even with the various art problems throughout.

I was hoping Dracula would be more interesting.

Oh, yeah; Edginton does leave his other sequel setup intact too.

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