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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #28


Okay, so the Rhino is a Spider-Man villain. I thought he was, but couldn’t remember for sure.

Bendis turns the issue into something of a joke. He introduces Ultimate Rhino, all right, but it’s got very little to do with Spider-Man. In fact, Peter’s inability to escape his daily life to fight Rhino is the entire issue.

Only a little of the issue is actually spent on Peter though. Bendis gives Gwen a nice showcase—though Bendis’s crying sounds, mixed with the Bagley art, made me think she was throwing up and I didn’t remember them making Ultimate Gwen Stacy pregnant (that development was a 616 one, right?).

Once it becomes clear what Bendis is doing, it’s hard to get upset about him wasting an issue on it… because it’s so much fun. Bendis’s ability to waste space but still deliver an enjoyable read is his saving grace.

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  1. I agree. Bendis’ ability to write characters in a sympathetic manner really works for the teen age cast that inhabits Ult. Spider-man. It seems like he’s pretty much given that strength up lately, as the characters nowadays seem interchangeable and now the plots have to bear the weight for the story, which is disastrous for Bendis.

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