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Startling Stories: The Thing – Night Falls On Yancy Street (2003) #2


Dorkin’s pacing is still excellent this issue, maybe even more than in the last one. And I guess this issue is somewhat better, even if Haspiel’s artwork fails to impress (he does a lot of superhero stuff in the second half and most of it falls flat). What’s troubling is Dorkin’s characterization of Ben.

The series, regardless of it being a Startling Stories title or having an indie creative team, seems to be shaping up to being about Ben cheating on Alicia. Dorkin comments on it, then handles it like Ben’s an adolescent. The series is set during the period when Johnny was dating Crystal, which I think was in the seventies. In other words, Dorkin has a wide timeline to work with and chooses the temporal setting for a reason.

Then he handles it like a Saturday morning cartoon.

Still, the series is getting better, thought not particularly good.

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  1. Although not particularly good, I’d rather have this to our present state where such an idea for a mini series almost certainly wouldn’t have been green lighted. I’ve always seen & preferred Dorkin in short bursts, and this is an unusual outing for him here. Strange, but palatable. Haspiel, I find his art somewhat plain and it doesn’t hold my attention enough to take this to the next level. Still, this book holds up against a butt load of the movie induced pablum Marvel is cranking out these days, and as misplaced as this sounds, I’ll cry over not getting this stuff to kill my spare time with over the wall insulation we are fed these days.

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