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Thessaly: Witch for Hire (2004) #3


Okay, I clearly don’t have a clue what Willingham is going for here.

The entire story is flashback, but framed by Thessaly telling Fetch her adventures while away from him. She was gone for six years (it seemed like a week to him) researching how she might slay the monster he’s inadvertently sicced on them.

One might say it’s another opportunity for some lovely McManus art… but this issue really is just talking heads. There’s some stuff during the quest flashbacks, but it’s small and not particularly visual.

After this issue, I think it’s pretty clear Willingham wishes he was writing something else. He throws in a bunch of Sandman characters (I think). Maybe it’s not wishing he was writing something else, but nothing at all… this issue feels like a contractual obligation.

It’s competently written, but the charm’s absent.

While McManus makes it worthwhile, he can’t make it good.

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