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Thessaly: Witch for Hire (2004) #2


Willingham and McManus do a lovely talking heads issue. It’s not entirely talking heads—McManus has a very complex two page spread, something he excels at—but it’s mostly a talking heads issue.

What’s so strange about the issue is how little Willingham cares about presenting a big narrative, or even the impression of one. A lot of it is Thessaly and Fetch (her would be paramour) in a house; she’s pulling skeletons from him and questioning him. It’s all beautiful because of the McManus art, but it’s also very difficult to discuss….

Nothing really happens. There’s a conversation setting up the next issue—maybe Willingham agreed to four issues but only had enough story for three and knew the readers wouldn’t complain so long as it looked fantastic.

There are three scenes in the entire issue. Willingham writes them well, but it’s still only three.

But the issue works.

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