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Bullet to the Head (2010) #2


Well, the dialogue certainly doesn’t get any better. Matz wastes two pages on some repetitive talking heads nonsense. That one can’t be a translation issue because the art’s laid out for it.

As for the story, it stinks.

The hitmen’s scenes are fine, quite good at times. But with everything else, Matz writes these hackneyed, obvious situations. The FBI is dirty and the only people who care are the only two good cops in New York.

Some of it might be more tolerable with better dialogue, but a lot of it is, like I said, just too stupid for words.

Once again, Wilson makes it digestible. He gives New York a lot of personality, but some of the comic takes place in New Orleans too (characters will undoubtedly intersect in a huge plot contrivance) and it looks even better.

It’s too bad the writing’s not as good as the art.

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