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Bullet to the Head (2010) #1


Dynamite neglects to credit the translator on Bullet to the Head. Based on the cop dialogue, I wonder if they just fed Matz’s original French dialogue into Google Translator.

The first half of the issue is two hit men having a very Pulp Fiction-esque conversation about shoes, women and psychotherapy before they kill someone.

The police investigation into that killing seems to be what the series is going to be about (though it’s probably too soon to tell).

Matz has cops and reporters in the second half… the reporters’ dialogue isn’t atrocious. The cop dialogue is the most tin-eared dialogue I’ve read in a long time. Worse, most of it’s expository, so the cops are explaining everything two and three times in case the reader is a moron.

But the writing (or translation) can’t undo the wonderful Wilson artwork. It’s stronger in the first half, but always great.

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