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Locke & Key (2008) #2


Hill tells most of the issue from the perspective of a ten year-old. Maybe ten. He might even be younger.

Hill’s not particularly good at writing the character, because his vocabulary is way too mature. Still, it’s a likable character (maybe it would work if he were thirteen… or if Hill had established him as a smarty-pants in the first issue).

There’s more stuff with the mom and the uncle this issue (the second half feels like there are no adults around at all, which sort of fits—Rodriguez draws the uncle about the same age as the oldest kid). The mom’s a problem; Hill can’t seem to make her real.

Still, his plotting is excellent. Even though it’s a fast read, he does manage to introduce a new character and a connection to the first issue.

Hopefully, the rest of the cast gets page time pretty soon.

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  1. While Hill does face some problems with pacing (it’ll be an issue for learning how to actually write for comics, I believe) , his characters will grow on you once the set up is done. I think Rodriquez is a good fit for the material, and gives this interpretation of Lovecraftian themes some chops. While as a whole, Locke & Key presents some challenges for the reader, over time the series really grew on me and I think it’s one of the better H.P. comics on the market. the other is Moore’s Neonomicon, which goes for straight horror, but it’s quite fun reading the two at the same time.

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