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The Bulletproof Coffin (2010) #6


Do they pull it off? Do Hine and Kane bring Bulletproof Coffin to the conclusion it deserves?


Do they bring it to a satisfying conclusion?


Does this satisfying conclusion suggest a depth greater than what it actually contains?

Yes. It’s very slick.

The issue’s a great example of why revelations have to be total or not at all. The issue clears up one or two questions, big ones, so it can end nicely—with some jabs at DC ripping off Siegel and Shuster. However, there are a couple other questions they ignore. They even mention one of them in dialogue.

There’s a warning, in dialogue (“Hine” and “Kane” appear in the issue), against layered, meta-fiction in comic books. It’s funny, but it’s not an excuse for not having a better ending.

Overall, the series is good, maybe very good. But if they could have pulled it off….

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it, and for me, that’s half the battle of comics these days. Both in words and pictures, the two seem to have upped their ante from any of the work I’ve sen before by either of them. An exciting jump in quality, and an interest in the next work these guys do is hopefully forthcoming. For me, Kane made the most progress, working with a writer that knew Kane’s strengths and made him use his noggin to push his abilities. Fun, fun, stuff.

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