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Gorilla-Man (2010) #1


Parker sets the series (presumably, at least the first issue implies) in modernity. It’s in between Atlas titles, with Ken on an Atlas mission to Africa to stop some bad guy. That part of the story isn’t the most interesting, of course. The most interesting is the flashbacks to Ken’s childhood Parker peppers the issue with. It gives a look at his early history—and some part of it will likely tie in to the modern story because it’s a comic book limited series, after all.

The drawing factor isn’t the plot, but the charm Parker brings. Ken’s not an absurd character— Parker plays the idea of a Gorilla-Man against the content. Even if the opening is some fantastical art thief with a bunch of beautiful henchwomen (Ken recruits a few for Atlas, of course).

Caracuzzo’s art is decent and a fine match.

It’s off to a good start.

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