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Guns of the Dragon (1998) #4


Truman finishes Guns of the Dragon indistinctly. His Bat Lash is such a strong character, it mostly works. Unfortunately, Truman’s art is weak again—which answers whether I had just grown accustomed to it. I had not.

He also doesn’t use dialect here, so clearly he was making choices with the series.

The issue is, again, all action (the third in a row). There are at least four fight scenes, most of them incorporating parts of the series (dinosaurs, Japanese cat men, Enemy Ace’s biplane). I suppose they’re successful.

But the problem is how little Truman does with the series. He has his characters (even foreshadows the advent of Slam Bradley) but they don’t even get the ending. Instead, Guns feels like a prologue to some bigger event… but it wasn’t. It was just a limited with era-appropriate characters.

It’s decent enough (besides the art) but a missed opportunity.

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