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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #145


Wow. Another generally stinky issue.

Obviously, Burglar Girls is the worst. Amara’s writing here is more confusing than anything else–he’s trying to pull a trick on the reader, but doesn’t give it any tension. In fact, the only time he foreshadows, he reveals the next panel. Barberi and Velasco’s art continues to be bad.

Shabrken is mostly weird, only getting silly and bad at the end. Henry and Lieber’s art is all right–it’s professional. Hartley’s on dialogue and he does okay for a while, then the finish just gets dumb. There’s only a page dedicated to giving it a hard cliffhanger… which comes off incredibly bad.

This Ghost story is my first. Luke’s attempts at writing a female character have a nice mainstream comics undercurrent of misogyny. Baker and Kolle’s art is so professional and decent it has no personality whatsoever. But it’s the best story this issue.

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