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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #132


Cooper brings Dan & Larry to a very disturbing conclusion. I mean, he really goes for it here–after backing down from going too far a few issues ago–but here, Cooper sort of leaps off the cliff and makes the installment just plain disgusting on a dozen levels. It’s great.

As for Warren’s Dirty Pair story, I don’t know what to say. Warren’s artwork is generally good, but since he’s fitting a style for the two protagonists, there’s a limit to it. He lays out his panels well for an action sci-fi comic and I suppose the writing’s all right. Doubt I’m its intended audience.

And then Brubaker starts getting towards the core of The Fall. This installment is particularly nice because it changes so much throughout–the beginning never suggests the end (at least to the protagonist). Lutes does a great job, particularly with on the last page.

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  1. DHP presents really seems to be hitting a stride among this grouping of issues. I NEVER would of thought you’d be a fan of Dan & Larry, but there you go. You are definitely NOT the audience for Dirty Pair, but Warren’s Empowered series is probably one of the best mainstream/non mainstream books going right now. Early Brubaker. Jason Lutes. A conic fan’s dream… no, you really got your monies worth with DHP during this time.

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