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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #131


Where to even start.

Beto’s got a good girl future story with Girl Crazy. It’s about a lovesick robot. He takes his time establishing it (then has to hurry towards the end) and finishes the story on a good joke. It’s a very cute story, sort of not what I expected from him.

Then there’s The Fall, from Brubaker and Lutes. It’s this amazing dramatic piece about a working schlub who does something stupid and ends up working for his boss’s wife. Complications ensue. Brubaker has very close, careful third person narration and Lutes’s artwork is fantastic rendering the mundane setting.

Cooper goes a little crazy on Dan & Larry, garnering a lot of sympathy for poor Dan here. It’s gross, it’s funny, it’s great.

Then there’s Nixey’s story about a kid who captures the scary monsters under his bed. Nice art, lots of humor. It gets jumbled, but it’s good.

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