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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #125


It’s a fantastic issue.

Zero Boy and Pander’s Jack Zero finishes up here, with a mildly unpredictable ending. The sensitivity the two give to the story is amazing. They manage to be both revisionist and iconic in their approach to the Western genre. It’s one of Presents’s best stories.

Brereton starts a Nocturnals story. The writing’s fine—it’s almost cute, a little witch (or something) and her scary bodyguard out on Halloween. The draw is the art. Brereton can’t escape the problem of painted art appearing static, but the art itself is so good, it makes the story worthwhile. And it’s got a funny ending (or cliffhanger setup).

Then Lutes has this gentle story about a couple high school friends at thirty or so, going through their old hometown. Lutes’s art is wonderful as always, but his writing is great too. The story has a lot of humor as well.

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