Thor: The Mighty Avenger 8 (February 2011)

Cornfields. It ends in a cornfield. I’m not sure there’s anything more perfect. Well, obviously, not being canceled would be more perfect, but for what they have to do… Langridge and Samnee end it beautifully.

The issue does not play like a final issue (I’m assuming Marvel did not give them time)—the big bad is left unresolved (Bunson and Beeker make it) and, you know, Odin never makes an appearance—but Langridge finds a balance.

What becomes important is how people regard Thor (sort of) and Langridge gets it resolved. Also, the relationship with Jane needs permanence and Langridge brings that aspect too.

Samnee gets to draw “Mighty” Iron Man and it’s an interesting approach (suggesting there’s a place to take it for going).

It’s an excellent issue with a great last few pages. It’s awful to think there isn’t going to be any more of it.

Thor’s wonderful.



The Man in the Iron Mask; writer, Roger Langridge; artist, Chris Samnee; colorist, Matthew Wilson; letterer, Rus Wooton; editors, Michael Horwitz, Sana Amanat and Nathan Cosby; publisher, Marvel Comics.

One Comment

  1. Vernon Wiley

    snif, here’s to you, Roger & Chris, for making one of the best reads of the year!

    The handling of Thor & Jane’s “discretion”, was great, and all ages too. I can only wince at how most other big name writers would go there…

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