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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #78


Yolen and Vess have an absolutely fantastic fairy tale story here. It’s not technically a fairy tale (it’s layered, a nursemaid tells the story to a child, who it directly concerns) but it’s just wonderful. Vess’s art here is superior–he’s able to convey action, antiquity and fear. There’s one moment where it confuses, then it all becomes quite clear. Yolen comes up with a great narrative though. Her writing is the real boon.

Paleolove continues. Davis is on the second of a third part story and there’s no reason for a third part if this one is any indication. Not because it’s bad (it’s not good, but like most Davis, not exactly awful), but because the narrative is already stretched then as this entry closes.

Campbell reveals another character’s backstory in Hermes this installment. It’s so good. The details are indescribable due to imagination and complexity. It’s outstanding work.

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  1. The great thing is that Campbell’s Bacchus work is being collected, when & where I don’t remember. Probably Top Shelf. Reading it in series all those years it’ll be great to experience it seamlessly. I think he may have some art assists on these Dark Horse stories. Keep an eye out, there’s a good quality of English comic artists that work regularly with Campbell.

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