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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #25


Duranona has something like two action scenes this part of Race of Scorpions. Two completely incomprehensible action scenes. Did the editor see something different or did they really get this material in and think it’d look good? At least this installment doesn’t rip off Star Wars.

Speaking of incomprehensible, Davis is back with a new story–The Twilight of Langdarro. I guess he’s not so much incomprehensible just really, really boring. He loves writing exposition. He probably writes four hundred words a story of exposition. And he still hasn’t gotten any better at getting his people down. His faces and figures are still a mess.

The Homicide story–featuring some of Mahnke’s first work–wins best story of the issue by default. It’s barely a story–the lead characters go and get into a bar fight to protect an informant. Mahnke’s not particularly good.

The series’s back in its rut.

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  1. Ah Mahnke,…it’s always fun to catch an artist when they’re just getting out, eh? I’ll still take new Mahnke over Rob Liefeld’s finest anyday. Something about those greasy haired hot looking chicks that just keeps me turning pages. Ah Mahnke…

    1. No girls in this one. It doesn’t even look like modern Mahnke. I think it might be his first ever work, but I didn’t pay enough attention to the letters page.

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