Dark Horse Presents 15 (February 1988)

I’m so glad they put The Mask in the middle. I’m not sure the issue would have been tolerable if it hadn’t been at the center.

The issue opens with another bad episode of Captain Crusader. The only nice thing I have to say about the story is Martin draws brick walls well. Not people, not figures, not regular backgrounds, just brick walls. The real world superhero gets beat up again.

The issue ends with Babes ‘n Arms, which is slightly better than before thanks to Stradley’s writing. Unfortunately, it’s still completely awful. I can’t believe Dark Horse took the time to have this story illustrated.

The Mask story is confusing and Badger hints at revealing things, but never really does. Badger opens the story with a big discussion of art, but continues using his regular Mask style for the story. It works. The opening is almost cute, but not.


Captain Crusader; writer and artist, Gary Martin; letterer, David Jackson. The Mask; writer and artist, Mark Badger; letterer, Tim Harkins. Babes ‘n Arms; writer, Randy Stradley; artist, Michael Ebert; letterer, David Jackson. Editor, Randy Stradley; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.