Detective Comics (1937) #522


Starting the issue, I kept thinking Conway had already done a Batman versus the abominable snowman issue. Then I slowly came to realize it was a sequel to that issue I had already read. Maybe the Irv Novick art threw me off. Even with Marcos inking him, the art is painfully mediocre.

The story’s kind of a bore–Batman in China (he speaks Chinese)–and Conway’s forcing some division with Dick (to prepare for a new Robin, I think). At least the Vicki Vale stuff is interesting–I mean, if Bruce is lying to her about who he is (being the bored playboy), why does he care?

The actual story about the mutant snow villain (think Iceman mixed with Sabretooth) meanders but never offends.

Then there’s the Green Arrow backup… which is sillier than it is anything else. Ollie gets a new sidekick. Again, Von Eeden art’s is disappointingly unambitious.

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