Detective Comics (1937) #506


I know kids actually read comic books back in the eighties so Conway had to keep them in mind, but he’s got a story about a golden mannequin lady killing people… he didn’t need to open with a really obvious prologue setting up the character. He could have just revealed it all when he will get around to it next issue.

Still, there’s some cool stuff here–Conway’s Bruce Wayne pages are good, really good. There aren’t enough of them. He has Bruce and Alfred discussing Gotham City politics and Bruce at the Studio 54 stand-in. Both those scenes are excellent. There’s a real effort here to make Gotham seem real, which I don’t tend to get out of modern comics–they’re terrified of exposition for setting, apparently.

The Batgirl backup’s fine. Delbo’s better than usual and the lack of a surprise ending is an interesting choice from Burkett.

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