Unknown Soldier (2008) #11


Eleven issues in and Dysart’s back to basics a little–it’s strange to refer to the return of the first six issue’s principal characters as “back to basics,” but I suppose it’s only natural in the era of story arcs and trade-waiting.

Moses, Sera, Jack and Margaret Wells are all back this issue, all of them about to collide. Here’s also the return of Moses’s white fiancée, the one he tossed over to return to his roots. The scenes with her and Sera are fantastic.

Dysart uses Sera to narrate the issue–one of my biggest comic book pet peeves is male writers using female characters as narrators. Dysart does the best job I’ve read in quite a while, if not ever.

But he’s also going cross culture, which might make it easier.

It’s another great issue.

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