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Orc Stain (2010) #2


This issue, Stokoe does quite a bit. Primarily, He introduces a crisis and resolves it. If he ever starts working for the big two, he’ll have to learn he’s not allowed to have an issue with so much content.

But he also starts exploring orc culture–especially at the end of this issue, with the orcs of low character getting ready to go after One-Eye. Part of Stokoe playing the series for laughs at times–even at very dramatic times–the work he does establishing the setting comes in quietly. It’s impressive work, especially given how much of it he’s doing himself.

Maybe I’m just enthused because there’s something of a Good, the Bad and the Ugly reference in the issue.

Lots of the book–the second half–is talking heads and seeing Stokoe apply his style to that format is wondrous. They’re such busy, yet concise, pages.


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  1. James Stokoe is such an anomally in modern day comics I’m tempted to forgive him for any excesses he may indulge in to get his work on the page. Not since the undergrounds of the sixties has any artist/writer single person given me a reason to follow his vision of an imaginary world so complete in it’s execution. His story, vague yet fact filled, the art, so organic and personel, even the lettering and oh my god, the colors, have shown me that this man is one of the current heavyweights of the indie class. I admit, I’m drawn to, nay, obsessed, with Stokoe’s fully realized pages that I could give a shit about it’s protagonists, and meekly await the next installment of his self depicted catharitic dream(?) with gleeful abandon. Am I gushing with non critical praise? Fuck yeah!

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