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Criminal (2006) #3


Well, there certainly are a lot of developments here.

There’s a super villain introduced and he’s, no shock, a psychotic. The girl seduces the brainiac protagonist, who’s spent the first part of the issue thinking he needs to think things through better. Oh, and the cute old man the protagonist looks after–he’s got alzheimer’s and a heroin addiction–finds the suitcase full of stolen heroin.

Not a single thing in this issue surprised me or gave me anything to think about. Since Brubaker understands this series as a world of red herrings and double-crosses, there’s no reason to think he’s not playing the same tricks on the reader. It’s not worth getting emotionally invested if the odds are good the writer is just trying to mess with you.

And what if I’m wrong and Brubaker’s being earnest?

Well, for starters, he’s doing nothing to convince me Criminal should be taken seriously.

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