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Criminal (2006) #2


I’m still not enthusiastic.

Even though I don’t remember the specifics of the events, even though I’m sort of fresh reading it, I don’t really care at all. I remember it ends terribly so going through the issue, I’m finding myself concentrating on things besides the story.

First and foremost, the artwork. Phillips is mostly illustrating the heist here and he does these wonderful visual repeats to familiarize the reader with the setting. It’s quite nice.

The rest of my concentrations are probably negative ones to some degree. For example, since I don’t remember, is Brubaker going to turn the female character into a femme fatale, with her inevitably betraying the protagonist. I’m hoping he doesn’t, but I sort of think he’s going to do it. Criminal is in no way innovative; though it’s better than a lot of the stuff it follows.

Maybe next issue will be more engaging.

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