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The Invincible Iron Man (2008) #2


What’s with Larroca and faces? Hasn’t anyone told him his digital art for faces looks just plain awful? The issue has really solid art for the first eight pages or so and then I realized why–he’d only drawn like one or two faces.

Once the faces are there, it looks awful again. I can run Photoshop filters on photographs on my own, I don’t need to buy a comic with them in it.

This issue’s a little better than the first–there aren’t any Iron Man movie references until the end, when Fraction brings in the bad flirting Tony does with Pepper. It works pretty well here for a second, but it’s not believable he’d send her for champagne. Not in the comics.

And the stuff with Thor is really lame and feels contrived to tie in to Civil War.

Otherwise, it’s safely on the low end of mediocre.

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