Muppet King Arthur (2009) #2


Apparently someone agreed with me. The art this issue is from James Silvani (with a different colorist too) and the whole thing is different. It looks fantastic. The Muppets are fully realized, not amateurish sketches, and Silvani loves the Camelot backgrounds. It’s an amazing difference.

The script is even better too, with Benjamin and Storck doing something very nice for a limited series–they’re following up the first issue, but not really doing anything to hinting at what’s coming next. It’s not a bridging issue, but it’s also not building in a traditional limited series fashion.

It almost reads more like an issue in a Muppet anthology series (there’s nothing here one would have to read the first issue to understand).

The anachronism humor is all solid, with a lot of good puns. There’s also a lot more of a “Muppet Show” feel, with a couple segments and direct references.

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