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Batman and Robin (2009) #8


Oh, ok, so this arc is a forerunner to The Return of Bruce Wayne, where it’s explained Darkseid really cloned Batman or something.

And then Batwoman dies in Dick’s arms so he can resurrect her in the Lazarus pit.

There’s also a big fight between Batman and the clone–insane–Batman. Dick seems like he’s going to win, but then the leprechaun who’s the villain–or something–sets off explosives.

At least Damian’s back for a bit. He gets snooty and he gets snotty and it’s fun.

The rest of the comic is a bit of a bore. It feels… it feels like something Marvel would do, holding back on a very important piece of information for a year only to reveal it right before it’s needed again.

Also, when someone brings up Superman, it feels wrong. This title hasn’t been a DC Universe Batman title; the mention alone jars.

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