Batman and Robin (2009) #7


I think Morrison likes to be intentionally opaque. It makes him seem mysterious and thoughtful. It’s a shame because he’s a good enough writer he doesn’t need to try so hard to impress. Personally, I imagine it’s an inferiority complex to Alan Moore. No matter how much lauding Morrison gets from the comics’ crowd, it’s nothing compared to Moore’s more mainstream supporters.


This issue is beautifully paced. I’m not as in love with the Cameron Stewart artwork as I thought I’d be… his Batman looks funny, too Adam West.

There’s a lot of talking and a lot of unexplained action sequences, but basically Dick’s gone to London to try to resurrect Bruce in a just found Lazarus pit. For some reason Batwoman shows up at the end of the comic.

Damian’s out of commission and definitely missed–Dick without Damian seems like a poorly written Bruce Wayne.

Big shrug.

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