Spider-Man: Chapter One 5 (March 1999)

Wow, it’s worse when Byrne only tries to retell a single Lee and Ditko length issue. He does half the Doctor Doom story (ignoring the initial meeting between Doom and Spider-Man, again, a somewhat interesting omission) and half the Lizard story.

The originals probably took fifteen minutes to read. Maybe more. Byrne’s retelling is a four or five minute read.

He does keep the really lousy things Liz Allen says to Peter around this issue though. I’m curious if he’ll try to reform her at all. There’s also a lot more with the Fantastic Four showing up at Doctor Doom’s flying hideout to save Spider-Man’s butt. Maybe Byrne just missed drawing the fantastic four.

The Lizard stuff, so far, is probably the best thing in the series. It moves quickly and having a non-human opponent means at least, when the Lizard, he won’t look like everyone else.


Lost Faces; writer, artist and letterer, John Byrne; colorist, Steve Buccellato; editors, Matt Hicks and Ralph Macchio; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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