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Spider-Man: Chapter One (1998) #4


Reading the original issues, I noticed how money concerned Peter’s actions often were during the first few issues. Bryne seems to have noticed it too, turning it into something of a plot point–Spider-Man realizes he should be selfless or some such thing. The problem with Byrne’s take is how lousy it suggests Spider-Man was before that moment. In the originals, he’s just never shown stopping a mugging. It’s never said he wasn’t doing it. Byrne says he isn’t doing it.

He also ties the Doctor Octopus story with the Doctor Doom with Flash and Peter fighting at school (bickering, not fighting, I wonder if he does the boxing match). This way, he can have Johnny Storm show up a couple times in the issue.

Chapter One is like reading an old message board FAQ trying to explain logic inconsistencies in some sixties television series. It’s completely useless.

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