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Victorian Undead (2010) #2


The second issue brings things quite a bit more into the Sherlock Holmes popular mythology. Edginton uses so many familiar characters I wouldn’t be surprised if Irene Adler shows up at some point soon.

The issue nicely mixes action–zombie action no less–with a more traditional Holmes investigation (even if it is Holmes in the field instead of consulting) and it’s a fine read. My developing concerns are few and the issue only really bothered me when it came to some of Fabbri’s artistic choices.

For example, he draws Watson as a white-haired, mustached young man. Both he and Holmes are young and hip looking (as hip looking as possible) instead of being either faithfully portrayed (based on the Sidney Paget standard) or revisionist. It’s like Sherlock Holmes as a young adult novel series character. It’s a little goofy.

But he’s otherwise fine. A little too steampunk perhaps.

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