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Victorian Undead (2010) #1


The cynic in me has to wonder if this series got the greenlight because of the recent Sherlock Holmes movie. It’s a fantastic concept, Sherlock Holmes vs. zombies (each cover features an reminder of it no less), but it doesn’t seem like a Wildstorm book… though I can never figure out their publishing mentality.

The art, from Davide Fabbri, is a lot cleaner than I was expecting. The covers suggest a certain Victorian icky zombie thing, but Fabbri’s artwork is, well, it’s Wildstorm clean. Holmes and Watson are so generically portrayed, I wouldn’t have been able to pick them out.

Luckily, Edginton’s script is strong in its portrayal of the two. I’m not sure about his overly complicated history of the zombies in Victorian London, which is only hinted at here, not even fully explained, and already I feel like he’s spent too much time on it.

But good stuff.

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