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Crossed (2008) #0


Ennis has done zombies before–anyone else remember the Thor: Vikings series–but it’s not clear from this preview issue whether or not they’re zombies. He establishes his narrator (presumably, it’d be funny if he eighty-sixed him for the rest of the series) and shows the reader some really horrific stuff, to get them ready, and then ends on a joke. It’s practically a Preacher joke, really, and it doesn’t help orient the reader at all.

But for a dollar, I’m in love with Crossed 0, because it’s practically as much story pages as Avatar gives anyway and Ennis is in top, pop culture-referencing form here. I don’t know if it’ll stick, but it’s a pleasure to read. Even when the content gets so nasty they don’t show it.

I’m not worried about Crossed at all. It’s Ennis doing his thing.

Well, maybe if I’m eating while reading….

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