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The Unwritten (2009) #9


Holy bejeezus.

I try not to give a lot away (about good stuff) on the Fondle so talking about this issue is going to be difficult.

I’m a little stunned as to what Carey just did, in terms of what he’s doing with The Unwritten–he’s introduced the triumvirate into the “real” world too, mirroring the one in the Tommy Taylor books, another sign the series isn’t intended to go on too long, which is a good thing, sure, but I hate to think he’s rushing–anyway… what was I saying?

What Carey does this issue, it’s hard to believe… I mean, it’s just so harsh, but still so good and so completely not cheap (I’ve been reading lots of cheap melodramatic comics lately, see the Marvels posts), it’s incredible.

I don’t talk about Gross enough. Here’s where Gross really comes through. He sells this whole issue.

Completely, absolutely brilliant.

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