Marvels (1994) #3


The Galactus issue. Way too many full page fight scenes here (Ross must have been getting tired) and no real story. It’s all centered around the one event, around the Fantastic Four fighting off Galactus. I’ve never read the Fantastic Four issues this one retells, so I don’t know if the lame excuses for no other heroes being around are in those too, but it really doesn’t work.

There’s more to it, sure, there’s a bunch of stuff about Iron Man (who’s off page the entire issue) and, while it does provide texture, it’s … it’s supposed to be a snapshot into the protagonist’s life, yes, but it all feels too forced. The comic is losing some of its charm (especially since, at issue three, they’ve finally decided to put some Black people in the comic–there weren’t any before, now it’s packed).

I hope the fourth issue ends things well.