Marvels (1994) #2


I think this issue of Marvels might qualify as cheap. I mean, while the first one thrilled and exhilarated, in this one Busiek puts a young girl in harm’s way as a dramatic plot. I’m not saying the issue does hit you in the stomach and hard, I’m just saying… it’s easy.

I mean, bigot learns not to be a bigot, but finds himself in a world where his not being a bigot anymore doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t a bigot. It’s almost a modern American narrative standard. I think “Quantum Leap” did about six episodes about it.

It’s a solid comic book and it does make the reader feel. It just does it in a dirty, cheap way.

Ross’s work here is fantastic. The grinning faces, the riots, it’s all just great.

I think the issue bothers me because it did choke me up, it just didn’t earn it.