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Robocop (1990) #18


Furman goes episodic here. I mean, TV episodic, maybe the five minutes before the opening titles role. It’s all about cops going crazy and whatever it is driving them crazy also effects Robocop so there’s a cliffhanger with him about to shoot a bunch of people.

Sullivan inks himself here, which is an improvement over the latest issues, but is a mixed bag. Some of his faces don’t look very good (a definite improvement, just not as strong as when the series started), but there’s a lot of great detail. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Robocop look so good, for example.

What’s striking about the issue is the lame and unrealistic characterizations. Cop going psychotic–only Robocop reacts to serve the public, other cops want to defend psycho cop.

Oh, the villain–her name’s Lot’s Wife. Furman deserves a special place in the Comic Writer’s Penitentiary for that one.

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