The Mighty (2009) #3


I’m reading The Mighty about as blind as anyone can read anything. I picked it up because of Tomasi and Snejbjerg reuniting after that angel one they did. Well, mostly because of Snejbjerg (so it’s hilarious it’s his contribution I have the most issue with, once again, his faces are way too loose, way too inconsistent–I get he goes for iconic with the superhero sometimes, but it looks like a completely different guy in close-ups).

In other words, I have no idea what’s going on. Either it’s about a superhero who’s got some issues–he busts in on his handler’s home life either out of overzealousness or to prove a point to the handler’s wife he’s number one, same goes for letting his handler almost suffocate in a room of his secret headquarters.

And there’s even more.

While I like not knowing, I’m also worried I’m just projecting.

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