The Mighty (2009) #2


There’s a big moment in the second issue of The Mighty directly informed, at least in the general consciousness, by Superman Returns (I’d heard it’s from an Alex Ross piece, but whatever, I’ve never seen it)–Alpha One, the superhero of the book (the world’s only superhero), is up in the rain listening for trouble. It’s kind of cool and kind of not. It’s cool because it makes sense. It’s not because, well, it’s the whole global superhero only in one city thing. I mean, I get it, it’s a good sequence, but it’s not ideal.

Also not ideal is Snejbjerg’s art. I love the guy, but he doesn’t keep his characters consistent here. Alpha One looks different every panel (in fact, in a lot of them he looks like a complete psychopath).

The book’s a strong one–it’s a different approach, positive but remaining thoughtfully realistic–it’s just unsteady.

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