The Incredible Hercules (2008) #141

Incredible hercules 141 2010




They rip off a line from Braveheart? Does Marvel even have an editor reading this book? The second or third most recognizable line from a blockbuster Oscar winner gets past the editor? Seriously? Pak and Van Lente are some lazy writers. Though I guess the very non-Edith Hamilton reveal is a bit of a surprise.

And I guess I wasn’t expecting Amadeus Cho’s “girlfriend” to be such a useless character. I figured Pak and Van Lente might actually pull that one off all right. Big shock, they didn’t.

I think this issue’s the last, which is good, because reading such drivel puts me in a bad mood.

Even the Agents of Atlas story concludes without much dramatic heft. It’s a capital b big deal, but it’s told in layered, third-person summary to give it that heft and it’s all pretty eh, which makes me sad.

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