The Incredible Hercules (2008) #140

Incredible hercules 140 2010

The full onslaught of chatter between Amadeus Cho and Hercules has to be one of the most astoundingly stupid things I’ve ever read. Still, there’s some moderately okay drama in this issue. The art’s still atrocious though, so it’s hard to muddle through.

The issue’s pacing is really funny, as the characters are racing against time, only to have more than enough time for everything.

And it’s really funny a Marvel comic book ripped off The Dark Knight. You’d think someone would have noticed it.

Lots of bad Greek god flashbacks again this issue. I can’t figure out who this comic book is made for… someone who likes bad writing and bad art?

The Atlas backup has one of the best one liners from Ken I can remember in quite a while and Parker manages to get in a lot of very solid character dialogue in an action-heavy story.

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