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Robocop: Prime Suspect (1992) #3


There’s some really awful art this issue. I’m pretty sure the last panel is the silliest panel so far in the series. It’s like a two dimensional … I don’t know what, but something atrocious.

The issue really ramps up like it’s going to stop being stupid towards the end–though I do appreciate Arcudi not giving Robocop internal dialogue–but then it just craps out, which shouldn’t surprise me.

What’s really stunning about the comic is how poorly paced these issues are getting. Leon wastes panel after panel with his artwork and it’s not like he’s capable of passing time well. The series maybe should have been three issues, with a competent artist, but with Leon, four issues is just disastrous.

Then there’s the big reveal this issue and it’s superbly lame, as it directly depends on the reader remembering a conversation from the first issue between two incidental characters.

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  1. Gosh, how do you do it? I cannot imagine reading even ONE robocop comic let alone the sheer amount of dreck you’ve waded through…you sir, are a scholar and a gentlemen. I don’t feel Leon is a bad artist, but Robocop demands a bombastic, in your face dynamic look that Leon is certainly not suited for. Once again, I thank you for your tireless diligence in reading all these shitty comics so that I won’t have to.

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